Monday, October 1, 2007

American Solutions for Winning the Future

This past weekend brought both sad news and good news on the nation's political front. The bad news - Newt Gingrich will not be tossing his hat into the presidential foray. The good news - American Solutions for Winning the Future, will have his almost undivided attention.

From my view, is, and will continue to be a resounding success story. I believe that this project just might change the face of American politics sometime before I kick the bucket.

American Solutions for Winning the Future is "... a unique non-partisan organization designed to rise above traditional gridlocked partisanship, to provide real, significant solutions to the most important issues facing our country." Yep, I took that right from their website. Why attempt to restate somethings that's already well said.

I think we will be seeing and hearing quite a bit from this project in the months before the election.