Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Rotisserie Chicken or Rotisserie Pigeon?

So I go in to a Stop & Shop supermarket in New Jersey, and after dodging the pigeons crapping all over the sidewalk at the front entrance, I finally make it in the door unscathed, this time.

As I approach the deli counter, I can smell what I believe to be rotisserie chicken in little plastic boxes. I immediately notice the size of the birds, then the weight and the price. A two pound chicken, selling for $8.99; that is $4.49 a pound.

If you go to Costco right down the road, they also have rotisserie chicken. A three and a half pound bird will cost you $4.99; that is $1.42 a pound for a very delicious chicken.

One thing I have noticed in recent weeks is less pigeons at the Stop & Shop entrance. Hmmm, could they be selling Rotisserie Pigeon? Certainly has that appearance.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Comcast's Backdoor Rate Increase

Comcast New Jersey Implements Backdoor Rate Increase - Alleges Channel Realignment

Comcast New Jersey is systematically removing channels from the lower ninety-nine channel lineup under the guise of high definition. There are now nine channels that are now in the higher range and REQUIRE a cable box to receive them.

So formerly, up until a few months ago, you were able to watch the following stations without the $8.40 cable box.
  1. Comcast Network**
  2. WHYY (PBS, PHILA.)**
  3. Style**
  4. History Channel* **
  5. News 12 New Jersey**
  6. Cartoon Network**
  7. AMC**
  8. TV Guide Network**
  9. TCM**
And now the cable box is required to view these channels. Repeated calls to Comcast asking them to clarify the changes were not returned. Calls to their customer support people were met with the we would never do that attitude.

The cable industry needs to be more strictly regulated. The consumer is NOT being protected.

Below is Comcast's disclaimer on their website:

**This channel can only be received with a digital converter. IMPORTANT CUSTOMER INFORMATION: The listed programs, packages, services, channel numbers, content, format and other aspects of Comcast's service are its current offerings and are subject to change or discontinuance at any time in accordance with applicable law.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Why Radio is Looking Better These Days - Or Why Comcast Sucks Even More Now

I have been watching News12-News Jersey for some time now to get the local news. This was one of two ONLY local New Jersey News shows broadcast on Comcast Cable. The other was CN8. So now both stations are ONLY available if you buy Comcast's premium digital service. Comcast has effectively place a stranglehold on the local news in their service area.

A call placed to Comcast was met with a drone citing the corporate mantra that you must buy digital service to get those stations as they have been moved. A call to News12-New Jersey was met with sympathy, but they basically stated the same solution. CN8 just echoed News12's sentiments. These solutions require giving Comcast more money every month. Screw them.

A call to the FCC resulted in redirection to their website to file a complaint.

Listening to the radio for news and reading a book for enjoyment will certainly be making a comeback.