Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Why Radio is Looking Better These Days - Or Why Comcast Sucks Even More Now

I have been watching News12-News Jersey for some time now to get the local news. This was one of two ONLY local New Jersey News shows broadcast on Comcast Cable. The other was CN8. So now both stations are ONLY available if you buy Comcast's premium digital service. Comcast has effectively place a stranglehold on the local news in their service area.

A call placed to Comcast was met with a drone citing the corporate mantra that you must buy digital service to get those stations as they have been moved. A call to News12-New Jersey was met with sympathy, but they basically stated the same solution. CN8 just echoed News12's sentiments. These solutions require giving Comcast more money every month. Screw them.

A call to the FCC resulted in redirection to their website to file a complaint.

Listening to the radio for news and reading a book for enjoyment will certainly be making a comeback.

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