Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Rotisserie Chicken or Rotisserie Pigeon?

So I go in to a Stop & Shop supermarket in New Jersey, and after dodging the pigeons crapping all over the sidewalk at the front entrance, I finally make it in the door unscathed, this time.

As I approach the deli counter, I can smell what I believe to be rotisserie chicken in little plastic boxes. I immediately notice the size of the birds, then the weight and the price. A two pound chicken, selling for $8.99; that is $4.49 a pound.

If you go to Costco right down the road, they also have rotisserie chicken. A three and a half pound bird will cost you $4.99; that is $1.42 a pound for a very delicious chicken.

One thing I have noticed in recent weeks is less pigeons at the Stop & Shop entrance. Hmmm, could they be selling Rotisserie Pigeon? Certainly has that appearance.