Wednesday, September 8, 2010


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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Author Simon Singh Puts Up a Fight in the War on Science

Bravo Simon Singh on Winning the Lawsuit

Author Simon Singh Puts Up a Fight in the War on Science
By Robert Capps, Aug. 30, 2010, Wired Magazine

For a while there, things didn’t look too good for British writer Simon Singh. The best-selling author of the science histories Big Bang and Fermat’s Enigma knew he was heading into controversial territory when he switched tracks to cowrite a book investigating alternative medicine, Trick or Treatment? What Singh didn’t count on, however, was that writing a seemingly innocuous article for London’s The Guardian newspaper about especially outrageous chiropractic claims .... (Read More Here at Wired Magazine)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Verizon Not Shipping Droid X Until 9/10

Having purchased a Droid X by Motorola from Verizon on August 26, 2010, the "nice young man" that sold me the phone said it would be on it's way by FedEx shortly. What he failed to impart was that his version of shortly involved a wait of 15 days before Verizon will ship it, due to lack of product availability.

I keep saying to myself, I should have gone for the iPhone. The I realize that would not have been very smart. With the iPhone via AT&T service, I would have to watch my data usage every month. With the Droid X via Verizon Service, I'm on the unlimited data plan for $25 bucks a month.

Well, in the meantime, I have not been idle. All the accessories that I purchased with the phone and will arrive with it, will be going back to the Verizon store. It seems that you can buy them all on for a fraction of the cost.

UPDATE: The items from Amazon are starting to come in now. All are Motorola original equipment (OEM). Top Quality.

TO VERIZON: Hello... Hello... Can you hear me know???? Oh, wait... I don't have my new phone YET!!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Philadelphia 'blogger fee' turns into blog fodder

From the Washington Post Technology Section - Aug. 24, 2010

Philadelphia 'blogger fee' turns into blog fodder

Money is short and times are hard, so municipal governments have to look everywhere for the funds to keep cops on the beat and buses on the street. Or so one would think from the news out of Philadelphia, where the city has been asking bloggers with any sign of a business model to pay for a "business privilege license." --- Read the full article at the above link.

In my not so humble opinion ...

Attention City of Philadelphia; Kiss My Ass

Ben Franklin is probably rolling over in his grave and wishing he was buried someplace else. No wonder he created an alias for the Silence Dogood letters, he didn't want to be taxed for his early form of blogging.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Ex-NSA Official Indicted For Leaks To Newspaper

The Baltimore Sun reported this morning that an "Ex-NSA Official Indicted For Leaks To Newspaper". The paper then goes on to say "... Federal law prohibits government employees from disclosing classified information which could be 'expected to cause damage to national security... " Well who turn the light bulb on in Washington today?

It has been a crime all along, why hasn't the AG been prosecuting these traitorous scumbags from the beginning.  Every time I hear or read the words, "informed sources' or some other bullshit phrase to cover these pricks, I just want to puke.

Let's make an example out of this guy and throw the book at him. If the punishment is death, so be it. He is putting our soldiers at risk and the citizens of this country at risk.