Friday, April 16, 2010

Ex-NSA Official Indicted For Leaks To Newspaper

The Baltimore Sun reported this morning that an "Ex-NSA Official Indicted For Leaks To Newspaper". The paper then goes on to say "... Federal law prohibits government employees from disclosing classified information which could be 'expected to cause damage to national security... " Well who turn the light bulb on in Washington today?

It has been a crime all along, why hasn't the AG been prosecuting these traitorous scumbags from the beginning.  Every time I hear or read the words, "informed sources' or some other bullshit phrase to cover these pricks, I just want to puke.

Let's make an example out of this guy and throw the book at him. If the punishment is death, so be it. He is putting our soldiers at risk and the citizens of this country at risk.